Rumbling Bridge

Rumbling Bridge - Main Issues Report Housing Proposals

Perth & Kinross Council is not proposing any new housing for Rumbling Bridge in the Main Issues Report.

Rumbling Bridge Development Strategy

What the Community Says is Acceptable

The map below shows the extent of development the community would feel comfortable with as voted for at public meetings, via questionnaire responses and through representations to the Fossoway Community Strategy Group.


Rumbling Bridge Submission

The following is an extract from Councillor Mike Barnacle's submission to the council dated 28 July 2010.

Rumbling Bridge History

Rumbling Bridge was once a famous beauty spot in Scotland. The Rumbling Bridge House, now a nursing home used to be a hotel and the Devon Valley Railway used to have a stop in the small village too. It is here that the river Devon flows through a deep gorge. In 1713 the original Rumbling Bridge over the river Devon was built by William Gray, a mason from Saline. The span, 22 feet long and 11 feet wide, is 86 feet above the water.

The bridge had no parapets. The upper arch was built in 1816 to give greater width and, by raising the level of the road, removed the steep gradients down to the old bridge. The new bridge is 120 feet above the water. There is a path around the gorge (and all along the river back to Crook of Devon) and several viewing points.

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