Powmill - Main Issues Report Housing Proposals

The following map shows where Perth & Kinross Council is proposing new housing in the Main Issues Report.


Powmill Development Strategy

The maps below show the extent of development the community would feel comfortable with as compared to the development that the house building industry would like to see.

What the Developers Want

The map below shows all the sites that developers want to build on.


What the Community Says is Acceptable

The map below shows the views of the community as voted for at public meetings, via questionnaire responses and through representations to the Fossoway Community Strategy Group.


Powmill Public Submission

The following is an extract from Councillor Mike Barnacle's submission to the council dated 28 July 2010.

We have slightly altered the SG map submitted on 31/8/09 to accommodate land atPowmill Milk Bar under proposal 01/9128 detailed by Euan on 9/11/09. Site 02/9037 is the current rural business zoning on P9 of SG map. The community remain opposed to the development proposal north east of the Milk Bar 03/9087; it was previously put forward and rejected, would link houses to Aldie Road and is not in accordance with the P8 assessment by the SG or DTA. The proposal for 2 dwellings on land at Cocklaw House 07/9128 lies outwith the SG’s proposed settlement boundary and was not part of the P5 assessment area of DTA; it should be dealt with under our Houses in the Countryside Policy. I note inclusion of the Devonshaw Quarry site 01/9061 on the map of Powmill representations but feel that proposals for this area should be considered alongside those of Thomson Homes (TH) that I now come to because a transport assessment is needed for the western approaches; I note that the Devonshaw application was withdrawn at a late stage from committee on 17th March 2010.
Sites 04/05/9072 & 06/3068 effectively encompass the TH Development Proposal for approximately 300 houses discussed at a public meeting on 16/11/09 called by the C.C. at the request of the developers. Further discussion of this took place at the public meeting I called on 11/3/10. There has been significant feedback from the community since those meetings (see later reference also to C.C. questionnaire). Although the developers have made a presentation at a public meeting, they have not engaged meaningfully with the SG or taken account of community views; I question their school proposals can be delivered in isolation from a PKC assessment of need in Fossoway, note that we already have a business site zoned for Powmill and do not need another, also suggesting that any roundabout required should be further west and connected with the Devonshaw proposal.
Their proposals for 04/9072 are contrary to P7 per SG & DTA and have a flood risk constraint.
05/9072 contains the village green concept, which has community support and we would like our proposal on P6 assessed by PKC’s environment service; the area west of the Dunfermline Road and south of the A977 has development potential under P5 per the SG but we seek to link Gartwhinzean Loan to the rest of the village, unlike TH. Their proposals for 06/3068 are contrary to the SG map, apart from P3 where a planning consent exists; we felt that P2 & P4 were not appropriate for development and note that there is ancient woodland and the AGLV on the northern part of the site, this woodland should be enhanced for community useage.
At the June 2010 meeting of the C.C. the outcome of their recent questionnaire referred to earlier was made public. I enclose this and would ask you to note that the SG and myself strongly endorse this exercise, which appears to support our proposals (42%) although I note that 30% of respondents did not want any further development than currently planned.
Incidentally, I noticed an error in assessment of the SG’s questionnaire of May 2009 for Powmill contained in the Fossoway Strategy Consultation Report Q11 and notes of the SG meeting of 12/8/09 viz:- there were 21 responses and 14 agreed with our map. The SG did not collect their questionnaire directly from doorsteps but the C.C. did, hence the greater return percentage.

Powmill History

The name of this second largest settlement is thought to derive from the Low-land Scots word ‘pow’ which means a slow-moving stream. Powmill has a shop and the famous Milk Bar. Sadly, the prominently visible Gartwhinzean Hotel is now closed and dilapidated. The Village Hall, called Moubray Hall, has just celebrated its centenary.

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