Carnbo - Main Issues Report Housing Proposals

Perth & Kinross Council is not proposing any new housing for Carnbo in the Main Issues Report.

Carnbo Development Strategy

What the Developers Want

The map below shows sites that developers want to build on.


Carnbo Submission

The following is an extract from Councillor Mike Barnacle's submission to the council dated 28 July 2010.

I note that there are significant constraints to the further residential development proposed here and outlined by Euan on 9/11/09. Although the community are relaxed about incorporating 02/9143 at Hallhill Farm Steading into the existing village envelope, given recent planning approvals, the other proposals all involve incursions into the AGLV, flood risks and are also within Lochleven Catchment. There is therefore strong opposition to all the other development proposals, which would involve in particular ribbon development to the north & west of the village. There remains significant drainage problems in Carnbo that are unresolved and exacerbated by recent planning approvals (a recent appeal decision refusing to grant permission at Churchmouse Cottage is worth studying in this context). I maintain therefore the position outlined in my submission of 31/8/09.
It was made clear at the public meeting on 29/3/10 that the builders yard opposite the completed Pitcairnie steading development, which only has a temporary consent, should be returned to agricultural useage.

Carnbo History

Carnbo is a small settlement on the A91. The name comes from the Gaelic: ‘carn’ comes from ‘cairn’, hill or heap of stones and ‘bo’ means cow. Carnbo is on the former Drovers’ Route. Carnbo used to have a school, which is now a village hall.

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