Blairingone - Main Issues Report Housing Proposals

The following map shows the sites that Perth & Kinross Council is proposing for new housing in the Main Issues Report.


Blairingone Development Strategy

The maps below show the extent of development the community would feel comfortable with as compared to the development that the house building industry would like to see.

What the Developers Want

The map below shows all the sites that developers want to build on.


What the Community Says is Acceptable

The map below shows the views of the community as voted for at public meetings, via questionnaire responses and through representations to the Fossoway Community Strategy Group.


Blairingone Public Submission

The following is an extract from Councillor Mike Barnacle's submission to the council dated 28 July 2010.

It is noted that there are no obvious constraints to residential development here. The development proposals outlined by Euan on 9/11/09 to me contain 6 residential sites and only 07/9076 (a woodland area) is objected to in entirety, being contrary to B6 of both SG map and the Tyldesley Study Report (DTA). We note that no timeous proposals had been put forward for the B3 assessment area and we feel it should now be excluded as an area for development potential since there remain community objections to this that were intimated to you in my letter of 26/4/07. We note also that nothing has come forward for the B5 assessment area which we felt should only be developed if a by-pass (screened from the village) can be implemented per paragraph 5.20 of our current Local Plan (see my letter of July 2006); we have changed the by-pass line to take account of representations from Windyridge you are aware of. Comment was made at the public meeting on 24/3/10 that our aspirations to bury the pylon line dissecting the village would be costly.
We understand that the development proposals could involve approximately 100 houses and presume that such a level of development would not be sufficient to facilitate a by-pass. You will note from my letter on Tayplan that I have been unable to obtain clarity from Scottish Water regarding their planned upgrades of treatment plants in Kinross-shire and this is certainly the case in Blairingone (N.B. Recommendation 1 on Page 69 of our Local Plan). Finally, I would ask you to note that Fossoway CC would like the catchment area of Blairingone Primary School to be widened, there is community support for residential development here and a strong desire to secure the future of the primary school and provision of village amenity.

Blairingone History

Blairingone is a tiny village which is first and foremost known for its mines. It sits on a rich seam of coal and mining has a long history there. The name is probably derived from Blàr-na-gobhainn, and the literal translation is " Smithfield" or Field of the Smith. Other local derivations of the Gaelic name are ; "Field of Arrows or Field of Spears". All of these are based on the fact that in the middle ages and onwards the smiddy in Blairingone was a base for the serious manufacture of weapons of war. The twin forges being maintained by the easily obtained surface coal even then.

The field behind the smiddy (which is the site for the recent Lambhill open-cast mine) was the probable source of the coal which fed the forges that sustained this weapons industry. Other minerals were also found here: Limestone, Alum, Iron-ore, Whinstone & Sulphur. The village also was a stop on the Drovers’ routes. Blairingone has a small primary school and a church, which featured in the Channel 5’s programme: ‘How to be a Property developer.’

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