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Fossoway and District Community Council - September 2021

Proceedings of the Virtual Meeting of
Fossoway and District Community Council
7th September 2021

As it is still not possible to hold physical meetings of the CC we are continuing to publish this description of what was discussed in our Virtual meeting, including any updates that we are aware of. Members of the Public are encouraged to comment on and question the items below, by email to moc.liamg|cc.yawossof#moc.liamg|cc.yawossof or via the CC’s Facebook page, which we will answer in our next meeting, be it virtual or physical, on Tuesday 5th October 2021.

Contributing: Community Councillors Sarah Bruce-Jones, Trudy Duffy, Carol Farquhar, Carole (Arwen) Haigh, Michael Haigh and Nicola Marchant; P&K Councillor Callum Purves (joined late)
In Attendance: 3 Members of Public.
Apologies: CCllrs Angus Cheape and Graham Pye; PC Ashley Mitchinson; P&K Councillors Michael Barnacle, Willie Robertson and Richard Watters.

Declarations of Interest: None.
Police report: There were no incidents to note in our area since the last CC Meeting from the Commander’s Reports received via Perth and Kinross Community Watch. CCllr Duffy had specifically asked for more information in relation to the RTA near West Crook Way on 23rd August but none was received.
Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes of the March 2020 meeting (the last face to face meeting) will be signed off once normal meetings resume, hopefully in October

Matters Arising
Bank of Scotland Closure: Cllr Purves and CCllr Marchant continue to make representations and reported that the Cambuslang Hub project was to be extended until 2023.

Community Development Trust: CCllr Marchant reported that the information displayed at the Gathering received a lot of attention and questions from public with good feedback. Fossoway Primary school have offered to promote information and additional engagement with Blairingone. Ideally the CDT would have 100 members but an initial minimum of 20 is needed. Next meeting is 29th September to analyse feedback.

Fossoway Gathering: CCllr Duffy said that the Fossoway Gathering on 4th September was very successful, with in excess of 900 attending. All stalls reported good turn-out and sales and it was good to see so many members of the local and wider community attending. The CC congratulates the organising Committee for all their efforts. It was highlighted however that the Gathering needs more volunteers in particular for set up and break down of the event.
CCllrs Marchant and Bruce-Jones ‘manned’ the CC stall in conjunction with Cllrs Barnacle and Purves and reported good engagement with the public.
Fossoway and District Community Council Benefit Fund (a.k.a. Hydro Scheme Fund): CCllr Duffy reminded everyone that the fund is open for applications, but stressed that potential applicants must read all the conditions fully before applying.

Fossoway Area Transport/DRT:
The next meeting of the Transport Group will be in late September. An extensive questionnaire has been received from Scottish Govt on consultation on Public Transport, closing date 6th October. It was agreed that CCllrs M Haigh and Farquhar in conjunction with Cllr Barnacle prepare responses to the questionnaire on behalf of the CC.

Drummond Park Fire Hydrant: CCllr C Haigh has received information from the Dundee Fire Service regarding the
Fire Hydrants in Crook of Devon. All Fire Hydrants have recently been assessed and refurbished as required.
4 Mowbray / 2 Naemoor Road / 17 Main Road / 2 St.Serfs Road / 1 West Crook / 1 Waulkmill / 1 Drum / 1 Kingfisher
The Hydrants are digitised and were updated five years ago, so when there is a fire in the area the Fire Service gets a GPS allocation to know exactly which is the best hydrant, if needed, and which has the best pressure for the fire. Scottish Water records how much water is running through the hydrant at any time. A Fire Hydrant Inspector visited all the Fire Hydrants and checked them all two days after our telephone call. The village is divided in two and the most appropriate fire fighting equipment is sent from Perth/Kinross/Fife or Clackmannan and Fife and perhaps Stirling.
In response to a question from a MoP it was advised that other villages should contact the Fire Service at Dundee which covers P&K as well as Dundee for details of number and location of hydrants.

A977 Mitigation Measures:
Cllr Purves shared responses from Brian Cargill of PKC on updates to Mitigation Measures as follows:
School Road Junction – It is hoped to have the project passed to our preferred contractor (Tayside Contracts) in the next few weeks for programming. If Tayside Contracts are able to accommodate this project in their programme of works then we would hope to have this project ordered and ultimately delivered this calendar year. However, if Tayside Contracts cannot undertake the works in a reasonable timescale then we will then have to consider using alternative contractors to deliver the works. Either way we intend to have this project designed, ordered and delivered this financial year (before 31 March 2022).
Drum Signalisation – In the process of appointing a consultant to design the works and we hope to have procured a consultant’s services in the coming weeks. Once the design work is complete the works will then be ordered and programmed for delivery. It is intended that the works will be carried out between Christmas 2021 and the end of the financial year (before 31 March 2022).
B9097 Realignment – In the process of appointing a consultant to design the works. Once the design work is complete the works will then be programmed and ordered. Given the road safety team’s current workload and the volume of works currently in the Tayside Contracts programme of works it is intended that the works will be carried out early in the new financial year (1 April 2022 onwards).
Still no update on when the 20mph signage is to be installed.
CCllr Duffy has contacted the Police to establish what is required and what implications are for placing the PC Bob Speed Check Cut-outs at various locations. Until that is received no action to be taken. The CC cannot fund these so the Community needs to do so but must have a designated person to facilitate.
Cllr Purves will make an application to request speed lines to the west of Crook of Devon and east of Powmill.

Return to Physical CC Meetings: The CC has been advised by PKC that as proceedings have been taken of all virtual meetings that it would be sufficient to submit a report of any significant decisions made during the virtual meetings to be signed off at the first physical meeting. CCllr Bruce-Jones will compile the report.
CCllr Bruce-Jones has contacted the various Community Halls which are now taking bookings and confirmed the meeting in October at Crook of Devon Hall. Covid guidelines for indoor meetings will have to be followed including physical distancing and a QR poster for Check in Scotland.

Matters Arising with no update since last meeting:
Crook & Drum Growing Together, Rumbling Bridge Gorge Bridge, Crook Moss Travellers Site, Blairingone War Memorial, Aldie Road Vegetation, Ivy Cottage Powmill, Devonshaw Whinstone Quarry Crook of Devon Skate Park, and Cemetery Car Park Extension: No information at present.

New Business:
Speeding in Carnbo: Representation received from MoPs on behalf of Carnbo regarding speeding on A91 and mitigation measures. Reported that 99% of residents had responded positively to the planned introduction of a 30mph limit for Carnbo but had questions regarding when it would happen, what enforcement measures would be included, what other factors were required such as street lighting, would the speed limit be extended to include the stretch outside the Village Hall and to the west past the Gelvan Road. Was this an issue for PKC or Scottish Office? Major issue that they wished highlighted was the speeds at which traffic approached on the straight stretches both east and west of Carnbo.
Cllr Purves responded that reference to Scottish Office was due to the application through Spaces for People. Ward Councillors dd not agree with Council’s view that it did not meet the Spaces for People Criteria and had continued to make representations. Reduction in limit to 30mph will go ahead and suggested that this will be completed by end March 2022. Street lighting was not a prerequisite of getting the limit in place nor would it be a consequence. The proposal to include the Village Hall in a 30mph limit was not included but he would put in an application to extend 40mph to before Hall.
Flooding in Drum: CCllr Bruce-Jones reported that she had received questions and concerns relating to the ongoing issue of flooding in Drum, in particular in light of recent planning applications. This included what were the implications for Drum being designated flood vulnerable, and was it feasible to suggest that a flood report should be included in all future planning applications for the Drum area. In the absence of Cllr Barnacle it was not possible to get a clear view and it was agreed to obtain further information for the next meeting.

Community Council Business:
Minutes Secretary: CCllr Duffy has written to PKC with a budget request, but there is no funding available, they suggested that we might approach local schools to see if one of the pupils might be interested. An advert has been placed through PKAVS on volunteer websites. CCllr Marchant has agreed to produce a ‘job description’ for a volunteer to be advertised at schools and social media channels. In the meantime it was agreed that CCllrs would take turns to take minutes.
CCllr Cheape attended the Kinross Fund quarterly meeting. Six applications were considered and five grants totalling £10,000 were approved. A summary was provided by Catherine Francis, the new representative from Foundation Scotland:
Broke Not Broken - To contribute to the cost of establishing a school clothing bank to alleviate financial stress in disadvantaged families and reduce the amount of clothing going to landfill. £2,000.00
Broke Not Broken - To cover the cost of day trips for disadvantaged families and enhance health and welfare.
Friends of Wallace Park - To fund the building of three fitness stations as part of a wider programme to redevelop Wallace Park in Glenfarg. £2,000.00
Friends of Portmoak School Parent Council - To fund playground equipment for Portmoak Primary School. £2,000.00
Kinnesswood in Bloom - To fund the installation of a shed to store tools and purchase new garden machinery.
No applications were received from the Fossoway area.

CCllr Nicola Marchant attended the Kinross-shire and Glenfarg Stronger Communities meeting where they were reminded that the new fire alarm standards are due to come into force in February 2022, when all homes will require one smoke alarm in the most frequently used room, one in every circulation space on each floor and a heat alarm in the kitchen. Alarms will need to be mounted on the ceiling and interlinked. Where there is a carbon-fuelled appliance, such as a boiler, fire or flue, in a room - a carbon monoxide detector will also be required.
The Kinross Advice HUB is now operating again and the programme for September is available.
CCllr Nicola Marchant shared the Fossoway and District Community Development Trust flyer with the group to help raise awareness.

It is hoped that the next meeting of this CC will be physical to be held at Crook of Devon Hall, if not, we will be offering online attendance by members of the public as usual. Anyone interested in “attending” should email the CC at moc.liamg|cc.yawossof#moc.liamg|cc.yawossof for details. Please see the CC’s Facebook page for the latest position.

P&K Councillors’ Reports:
Callum Purves: The Community investment Fund has closed for this month. As with previous years, the ward panel for Kinross-shire to determine which applications should receive funding comprises ward councillors, local action partnership members and a representative from each of the six local community councils. The funding determination meeting will take place virtually at 6 p.m. on Monday, 27th September. The applications will be available to view on-line in advance of the meeting via an on-line system.
The Kinross local committee held a good meeting with Council and hope to have formal submission to Council in October. CC representation will be required on the Committee.

Due to the closing date for comments, the first three items below were discussed amongst the CC Members by email in order to reach a decision in time.
New Applications:
21/01298/IPL Erection of a dwelling house (in principle) at Land 20 metres west of Little Aldie, Aldie. CC will object as outside settlement boundary and does not meet Housing in the Countryside Policy 19

21/01314/FLL Erection of a dwelling house at Land 20 metres north west of Coachhouse, Crook of Devon. The CC will make a Neutral Comment requesting that conditions from 19/01826/FLL be carried over.

21/01209/FLL Erection of a dwelling house and garage/studio (revised design) at Land 50 metres south west of Mitchell House, Main Street, Crook of Devon. The CC will make a Neutral Comment seeking a review of the flood risk.

21/01162/FLL Formation of outdoor riding arena at Appleburn, Vicar's Bridge Road, Blairingone, Dollar, FK14 7LR. No CC Comment.

21/01347/FLL Erection of a dwelling house and garage at Land at Castle Hill View, Rumbling Bridge. No CC Comment.

21/01393/FLL Extension to dwelling house at 2 Cottage, Whorlawhill, Carnbo, Kinross KY13 0NZ. No CC Comment.

21/01398/FLL Erection of a dwelling house (revised site layout) at Land 40 metres north west of Dunollie, Fossoway. No CC Comment.

Withdrawn Applications
21/01164/FLL Erection of 3 dwelling houses, 3 garages and associated works at Land 30 metres north east of Rantrie Knowe, Drum.

21/00001/FLL S42 application to delete condition 6 (access upgrade) of permission 20/01319/FLL at Land 180 metres south west of Powmill Cottage, Rumbling Bridge. Not yet determined

Decided Applications:
21/00947/FLL Siting of four holiday accommodation units, formation of parking area, landscaping and associated works at Land 70 metres south east of Coup Steps, Powmill. The application was rejected, the CC had not commented.

21/01025/IPL Renewal of permission 18/01296/IPL (residential development (in principle)) at Land 30 metres north west of Sunnyside, Drum. The application was approved, the CC had not commented.

21/01110/FLL Alterations and replacement extension to dwelling house and extension to raised decking at Calvay, Naemoor Road, Crook of Devon, Kinross KY13 0U. The application was approved, the CC had not commented.

21/01012/FLL Change of use from agricultural land to form extension to garden ground at Meadow View, Fossoway, Kinross, KY13 0UP. The application was approved, the CC had not commented.

21/01120/LBC Internal alterations at Solsgirth House, Solsgirth, Dollar FK14 7NZ. The application was approved, the CC had not commented.

21/01168/FLL Erection of garage/workshop/garden machinery store at Craigend House, Powmill, Kinross FK14 7NS.
The application was rejected, the CC had not commented.
21/00190/FLL Alterations to vehicular access and formation of track at Dam Wood, Blairingone. The application was approved, the CC had objected

Enforcement Issues:
20/00809/FLL Craigton Farm Lane No update

If the correspondence list is not attached to this document, it can be found on the CC’s FB Page.
Should anyone wish to see any items please contact the CC by email and a copy can be provided.

AOCB: None this month.

Draft Agenda for Next CC Meeting:
Declarations of Interest, Community Policing, Minutes of last meeting. Matters arising: Bank of Scotland Branch Closure, A977 Mitigation, Fossoway Area Transport, Community Development Trust, Crook Moss Site, Gorge Bridge, Crook & Drum Growing Together. PKC Councillors’ Reports, Planning, Correspondence, AOCB

Next Meeting: Tuesday 5th October 2021 7:30pm at Crook of Devon Village Hall

Correspondence August 2021

Date From Subject
04/08/21 Area Police Scotland Commander’s Bulletin
04/08/21 Meal Makers Perth & Kinross Newsletter
04/08/21 Nicole Carle PKAVS Promoting Volunteering Opportunities
05/08/21 PKC Community Councils Team Scottish Civic Trust My Place Awards
10/08/21 Funding Scotland Funding News and Updates
10/08/21 N Khogali Outreach Officer Office of Murdo Fraser MSP Requesting information on issues most important to our CC area
11/08/21 Carole Anderson Age Scotland Forwarding Article from This is Money in relation to Banks being fined for closing Branches
11/08/21 Area Police Scotland Commander’s Bulletin
11/08/21 Hong Zhang PKAVS Response to CCllr Pye regarding Volunteer Opportunity for Minute Secretary
11/08/21 CDC Community Councils Funding Alert August
11/08/21 Christine Grant CC Team Museum Galleries of Scotland Stories Fund
12/08/21 N Khogali Outreach Officer Office of Murdo Fraser MSP Response to CCllr Duffy Chair of CC response regarding issues affecting Fossoway
12/09/21 Colin Dawes Requesting if we had received info regarding Middle Aldie Planning
13/08/21 Colin Dawes Communication regarding frustrations in relation to Planning system and Planning notifications
13/08/21 PKC CC Team Training Courses for Community Councils with OU Scotland as an option to solve our problem finding a Minute Secretary
17/08/21 Funding Scotland Funding Update & News
17/08/21 Christine Grant PKC CC Team Suggestion that we recruit a senior school pupil from KHS or other
18/08/20 Fiona Angus Minutes from K & G Stronger Communities Meeting and notice of next meeting 7th September
19/08/21 Area Police Scotland Commander’s Bulletin
11/08/21 Hong Zhang PKAVS Notification that our Volunteering Opportunity for Minute Secretary is Live on PKAVS portal, Volunteer Scotland and Saltire Awards
23/08/21 Cllr Purves Copy of correspondence from Brian Cargill PKC regarding A977 Mitigation and outstanding agreed Projects
24/08/21 Funding Scotland Funding News
04/08/21 Area Police Scotland Commander’s Bulletin
25/08/21 PKC Planning Planning & Management Decisions @ 24 August
26/08/21 Katrina O’Donnell MTRIPS Notice of A9 Dualling section opening Luncarty to Pass of Birnum
26/06/21 Robin Chisolm Invoice for Stand at Fossoway Gathering
27/08/21 PKC Planning Notice of Decision for 21/01164/FLL application Withdrawn and reasons
30/08/21 CCllr Marchant Proposals with regards to Planning Applications
30/08/21 CDS CC PKC Team Opportunity to register for Community Information Event Invergowrie Solar Meadow
31/08/21 Funding Scotland Funding News
31/08/21 CDS PKC CC Team Information relating to how to formally deal with proceedings from Virtual meetings and first In person Meeting
01/09/21 Carole Anderson Age Scotland Update on Community Access to Cash, Cambuslang Hub to remain until 2023
01/09/21 Fossoway Gathering Site Plan for Gathering
01/09/21 Area Police Scotland Commander’s Bulletin
02/09/21 Crook of Devon Hall Booking for October Meeting
02/09/21 Fiona Watt (MOP) Request for Link to Virtual Meeting
02/09/21 Fiona Angus Notice of Meeting K & G Stronger Communities Meeting
03/09/21 Foundation Scotland New Funds and Opportunities Newsletter
03/09/21 CDS PKC Planning Notice of date for Local Review Body consideration
06/09/21 Fiona Watt Carnbo Information relating to Carnbo Residents petition to support reduced speeds in Carnbo and request to raise issues with CC
06/09/21 Richard Nesbitt Request for link to Virtual meeting
06/09/21 Angela Seymour Request for link to Virtual meeting
06/09/21 Shona Giles Request for link to Virtual meeting
06/09/21 Gillian Mudie Request for link to Virtual meeting
06/09/21 Iain Campbell Request for link to Virtual meeting
07/09/21 Funding Scotland Funding Update
07/09/21 David Littlejohn Planning Decision to approve 21/01190/FLL Dam Wood Blairingone

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Consultation on Fossoway Community Development Trust

Please make sure to have your say on the projects you would like to see delivered by the Fossoway and District Community Development Trust.

You can fill out the form on the website - here

You can also see the discussion on the Fossoway Forum Facebook group

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Fossoway and District Community Development Trust

Aim of the Trust

The Fossoway and District Community Development Trust aims to deliver community projects that cannot be managed by the Community Council.

Our first project is the replacement of the footbridge over the River Devon at Rumblingbridge Gorge, which was washed away during storms in 2011.

Our Aspiration

Our aspiration is to be the shared voice of our community through our members' engagement with the community; facilitating a consultation exercise to understand the challenges and opportunities of the Fossoway Community.

Please visit the website to find out more and register your interest.

Fossoway Gathering

The Fossoway Gathering takes place on Saturday 4 September 2021 from 12pm to 4pm in Waulkmill Park, Crook of Devon.

We will have a stall where you can find out more about the Fossoway and District Community Development Trust and hear about other Trusts that have improved their local areas, including trusts in other communities in Perth & Kinross.

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